• How do you choose which games to write about?
    • We keep a steady eye on social media, Steam, and itch.io, and our community gives us great tips as well for what’s up and coming.
  • I backed the Issue #1 Kickstarter but didn’t receive a physical COPY even though I backed that tier. When will I receive that issue?
    • Please use our contact form and let us know so we can sort you out!
  • I didn’t originally buy the physical COPY tier on the Issue #1 Kickstarter but I’d still like a copy. Is it possible to get one?
    • Yes – we have a shop available that will allow you to buy a physical copy of Issue #1 and every issue going forward once the Kickstarters have ended and backers receive their copies.
  • I haven’t gotten my issue yet even though I’ve paid – what’s up with that?
    • We’re working on a bulk order system which means we will aggregate order information and then send them out all at once, once we have enough orders. We will notify you when we do so!
  • Can I buy digital copies of the Magazine somewhere?
    • No – because we’re giving them away for free! We only charge for physical copies.
  • Where can I find the latest news about the magazine?
    • Twitter is best. We also have a Discord where Reload fans and devs of the games you read about can hang out!
  • Who are your writers?
    • See below. 🙂

meet the staff

jared bair

Magazine Lead/Writer

I play video games and look at memes for a living. This is somehow
both true and a joke at the same time. It’s the best life.

Headshot of Antony Silver.


Magazine Lead/Writer

a.k.a. “Bridgeburner”

I’m project lead for The Age of Hell and founder of
Hellforge Studios. My passion is level design leaning heavily into
abstract concepts.


Magazine Lead/Editor

a.k.a. “melancholygeek”

Just some old fart who loves games and reading about stuff. So pretty much a bee in clover here.

Sam Marshall


Scouts projects for Perp Games, and knows his way around a shootbang due to years diving head-first in the bargain bin!

Headshot of Brandy Brown.



a.k.a. “Waterytart19”

Star Wars nerd who loves games of all types and writes about things. A very silly person who finds humor in things she probably shouldn’t.

A headshot of Maria Kinnun.



a.k.a. “PocketNinja85”

Artist at In The Keep, as well as everywhere else! A writer, gamer, cat lover, and avid Comic Con goer. Regular podcast guest and professional doofus on the internet. I have fun!

Headshot of Tyler J. Graham


Writer/Social Media

a.k.a. “Tankyyy”

Avid writer hailing from Hell (New Jersey). Professional head clicker and caffeine drinker. Enjoys catching Pokemon when he’s not blasting demons.

A headshot of Shannon O'Neill.

Shannon O’Neill

Writer/Social Media

a.k.a. “Major Arlene”

I’m a giant classic Doom nerd, level designer, and enjoyer of most things id. I also love photography, video editing, and fine memery.



a.k.a. “Skeleton”

Writes about excellent video games and their excellent devs. Radiates intense uncle energy. ImSim and RPG enjoyer. Unapologetic Doom 3 Shotgun hater.

Ryan Scully


a.k.a. “BrazenScull”

Cat lover, big hair owner and burrito connoisseur. Adores Blood, Dusk,
Doom and other monosyllabic titles.



a.k.a. “Goober”

Canadian game developer, level designer, article writer, full-time Red Faction player, and part-time “everything else” player.



a.k.a. “Linko64”

Do all the right things when the wrong people are watching, words bleed from the thought sponge, bad opinions cut deep like a bladed lunge. No reptiles.



a.k.a. “Baskinator”

Writer and social media person – Arrowhead Game Studios, Shotspark Studios, Voidpoint. Eternally frosty.

Jacob Kinnun


a.k.a. “Immorpher”

90’s console shooter enthusiast, classic id Tech engine modder, dark ambient musician, and documented 64nicator.

misael de oliveira


a.k.a. “Redaemonnnn”

Retro gaming grognard, obsessed with the design philosophies of the old world of video games. General lover of everything retro and Quake fanboy.



a.k.a. “StarkEvil Vash”

A Godzilla nerd who loves video games of all shapes and sizes. I am a doer of many things, including writing, podcasting, and content creation.

Logo for Hyascho.

Brett magill


a.k.a. “Hyacsho”

Rambler and reviewer of games, lover of Doom, Minecraft and Age of Empires, and enjoyer of advertising and art.